April 16, 2015

10 interesting alumni stats

  1. Five alumni have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
  2. Eight Columbia undergraduate alumni have become billionaires.
  3. Sixteen Columbians have served as mayor of New York City.
  4. Twenty-five alumni live in Bermuda, an island that is just 21 square miles. (That’s more than one Columbian per mile!)
  5. Forty-five Columbians have competed in the Olympics.
  6. Fifty-eight alumni had films featured in the Sundance Film Festival this year alone.
  7. Ninety-nine alumni have served in the Peace Corps.
  8. There are 7,483 Columbia couples — or 14,366 alumni — who have met and mated. (Check out our more than 250 Columbia Love stories on Facebook.)
  9. Current University employees have earned 5,898 Columbia degrees.
  10. Today, 106,200 Columbians call New York home.

Check out the updated demographic information for 2015.

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